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Baburam with his mules and the treacherous path where the mule fell off is to the left of the waterfall in the picture

We had a tragedy during the first week of September 2020. While bringing down apple crates down the treacherous trail from the settlement of Karba in Kalap village, one of the mules fell off the trail. The mule accidentally veered towards the outer edge of the path and some loose soil gave way. The mule tumbled down some 150 feet with the apple crates strapped to its back. The hardy animal survived the fall but was grievously injured. Treatment was tried but after a few days of suffering the animal passed away.


The mule was one of 3 that belongs to the brothers Baburam and Saldar Singh from Kalap. They are handled always lovingly by the ever cheerful and hardworking Baburam.


Baburam and his mules have been part of many medical camps conducted by us and lots of trips with Tons Trails guests over the last 8 years. He is a chap who has been loved by all who have interacted with him. He is one of those down-to-earth simple mountain lads.


The loss of a mule right now is a crippling blow to this family. It reduces their daily income by 33%. This year already the family has been severely impacted by loss of income due to no tourism business.


We want to help Baburam buy a new mule as fast as possible and are trying to raise a sum of Rs 75,000 to support him. 100% of the funds raised in this fundraiser will be handed over to him.


Rs 38,100/Rs 75,000 (10:45 | 21/09/2020)


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