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11:30 | 02/03/2023

Rs. 600 per kit

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Make a Difference On International Women's Day 2023

This International Women's Day 2023, we want to donate eco-friendly reusable sanitary pad kits to women in our Tons Valley Uttarakhand.

Since the year 2016, our organisation has been working with women in our region on the issue of menstrual health through our various public health outreach initiatives. Unfortunately, due to the COVID pandemic, our long-term work had to be suspended.

We are restarting the work, by doing something we had planned to do back then - make a postive impact on menstrual hygeiene by changing prevalent community practice in managing menstrual fluids.

"" Currently, women in our region do not have any access to safe, hygenic and sustainable menstrual hygiene products - most importantly sanitary pads. ""

Thus, we plan to do a distribution of reusable eco-friendly sanitary pad kits manufactured by Eco Femme in our region. 

With the himalayas being a fragile environment, we need to be concious that any products used here must be environmentally friendly and sustainable. Which is what made us zero in on the fabulous cloth reusable sanitary pads made by Eco Femme.

Further, instead of just donating manufactured pads, we wanted to create a sense of ownership between women and their sanitary pads, so we have decided to distribute 'sanitary pad kits', which will be used by the women to make their own sanitary pads. This we feel will reinforce the message that - the pads are reusable and encourage sustainable thinking.

The sanitary pad kits will be donated at a menstrual hygiene workshop at our centre in the Tons Valley, Uttarakhand on March 8, 2023.

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11:30 | 02/03/2023

It costs Rs. 600 to donate a kit containing material for a woman to stitch 6 sanitary pads. The kits will come with an instruction manual and link to a video on how to stich the sanitary pads. 6 sanitary pads is the ideal requirement for a woman to maintain menstrual hygiene during a period cycle.

We only accept donations from India. 80G receipts are automatically issued with every donation via email. 

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