The Trust has set up an 'afterSCHOOL' in the village of Kalap for the children from the community. The purpose is to assess the gaps in the government education system and fill them. Our effort runs in parallel with the government school everyday after regular school hours, and full-time on holidays and during vacations. 


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The Kalap afterSCHOOL functions from 2 pm to 6 pm everyday, with children attending sessions with our volunteer educators. We work with the children to make them:

  • Learn English language the right way

  • Interpret nature and understand the environment around them

  • Learn basic science and math, with emphasis on practical knowledge

  • Do their regular school work, which parents being uneducated are unable to help them with

  • Use e-learning to connect with highly skilled teaching and knowledge professionals worldwide

The Method:

  • The Trust uses a volunteer to staff and run the school. 

  • Children are split up into age groups. They then attend sessions in batches every alternate day.

  • The idea is to have each batch small in number so that maximum individual attention can be given.

Backgrounder on education scenario at Kalap:

The village panchayat has two government schools handling upto the 8th standard level with a total strength of about 50 children. Being such a remote location and thus the attendant lack of supervision, the quality of education imparted by the school is abysmal. Often the teachers vanish for days together. Further the school infrastructure is in a dilapidated state. The children especially suffer when they move to study in the cities later in their academic life. They realise the inadequacies of their skill levels.

The Trust has explored ways to work to work with the existing government human resource and physical infrastructure. But it has proven next to impossible to cut through the bureaucratic framework and find a solution that can be implemented.

The Trust has instead decided to setup an independent effort, through which we will have clearly quantifiable returns.


We strongly feel that if through an independent effort we improve the children, it will make the government school teachers work harder. Smart kids need hard working teachers.

Employment and training opportunity for local people: 

The project employs 1 local support staff as a cook. 




Donor support:

Updates on the school can be found at: www.facebook.com/kalaptrust


Target for 2021: Rs 2,80,000

Amount raised:

Rs 69,800

13:00 03/03/2021

Project expenditure breakup:

School building rent: Rs 1,20,000

School cook annual salary: Rs 60,000

Ration expenses annual (for volunteer teaching staff): Rs 72,000

Misc annual maintenance & admin expenses: Rs 28,000