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We first started this seed donation program in 2020 during the COVID-19 lockdown to help our communities which were devastated economically. We donated seed boxes to 1,000 families in the region. Our region is home to 4,000 families and unfortunately due to lockdown restrictions, we couldn't get our seed boxes to every family. We had to target only families, 1000 of them, that lived near the road whom we could access safely.

The pandemic is not yet over and farthest economies like ours are the first to be affected and last to recover. We have decided to do one more round of seed giving this summer growing season.

We have received a lot of encouragement and support for this seed donation program in 2020, including an award recently (see page bottom!). This has motivated us to attempt this again.

We plan to donate a ‘SEED BOX’ to at least 2,000 women of each family living in the upper Tons Valley. We feel these seed boxes are an excellent means to communicate awareness about good nutrition and will motivate the women in each family to take charge of managing the family's nutrition needs. Women will be able to grow vegetables in their kitchen gardens this summer and they can even sell some in local markets if they have a surplus harvest. 


The following seeds will be delivered in each ‘SEED BOX’:




For self consumption:


Pumpkins – 1 pkt (the leaves are eaten as subzi locally, great source of Vitamin C and other vitamins, and ripe pumpkins are easily stored in the winter)


Spinach – 2 pkts (great source of iron. Most women and children in the region are anemic)

Carrots - 1 pkt (great source of Vitamin A)


For self consumption + small sale:


Cabbage – 1 pkt (easy to grow summer vegetable, and good shelf life after harvest, can be sold)

Brinjal – 1 pkt ( easy to grow, plant survives early winter and will have some surplus for sale)

Okra – 1 pkt (easy to grow, nutritious and surplus can be sold locally)




Chillies – 2 pkts (we plan to collect dried red chillies and help the women sell them)

Coriander – 2 pkts (we plan to collect dried dhania and help the women sell them)


The cost of each ‘SEED BOX’ is Rs 183.

We will be purchasing quality certified seeds from a registered seed wholesaler.

Seeds have to be purchased and donated by the middle of April 2021!




869/2000 BOXES DONATED | 12:00 05/04/2021

Click on the button below to donate a seed box!

Donations are being accepted only via Razorpay. Receipt is issued automatically.

Due to amendment to IT Act for charitable organisations, it is mandatory now to enter your PAN number while making the donation.


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Images from our 2020 seed box distribution

Silver 2021.jpg

Our effort to distribute seed boxes during the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020 was recognized and awarded by the 'Indian Responsible Tourism Awards 2021' in the non-profit organisations category.