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It serves the primary healthcare needs of 22,000+ people living in 37 villages in the remote upper Tons Valley of Uttarakhand India!

The centre provides basic out-patient consultation services through qualified MBBS doctors, diagnostic services, paramedic services in remote villages, technology-enabled remote specialist consults and grassroots public health outreach in all the villages it caters to.

where is it located?

The centre is located at Village Kotgaon, District Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand, India. The location is in the far-northwestern region of the himalayan state. It is about 200kms/7 hours by road from the city of Dehradun. https://goo.gl/maps/yX1YreNPfos

  • Fully-equipped primary healthcare equipment

  • 2 MBBS doctors on duty from 9.30 am to 6.30 pm, 7 days a week

  • Two qualified nurses on duty

  • State-of-the-art computerised registration and medical data management system

  • Blood sugar and haemoglobin testing kits

  • ECG Machine

  • Oxygen bottles and nebulization

  • Basic trauma kit

why run a primary healthcare centre here?

The region is extremely disadvantaged in access to healthcare services. The outreach of public health services has failed due to a number of reasons which are common to the mountainous state of Uttarakhand, but exacerbated by the extreme geographical isolation of the upper Tons Valley. The nearest major hospitals are at Uttarkashi (170 kms, 8 hrs by road) or Dehradun (200 kms, 7 hours by road). 70% of the villages in this region are unconnected by road, which makes access to healthcare services time and resource intensive, leading to chronic neglect of healthcare.

Why we do this?

Kalap Trust was formally registered in 2014 and we are the first organisation to do pioneering development work in this remote, inaccessible and neglected region. The organisation started work first in a small village called Kalap which is inaccessible by road. The organisation was named after this village. We are now working in the entire upper Tons Valley to provide high-quality direct services in education and healthcare. We identified healthcare as a critical need that will amplify the positive outcomes of any development work in this region. Our dream is to deliver quality healthcare to the disadvantaged communities in this valley!

how do people suffer without access to hospitals nearby?

The nearest reliable healthcare facility for the people in this region as we have earlier said is at least day's travel away. This imposes a crippling time and cost penalty to access a hospital even for basic healthcare needs. For example:

Imagine parents who need to consult a doctor for a simple ailment that their child suffers from. They need to take a bus to travel to the city (costs money!), stay in the city (costs money!) and finally see a doctor who prescribes treatment. So, something that might cost Rs 500 if the hospital is nearby,
will end up costing almost Rs 5000!

This leads to people neglecting health till conditions become severe, thus incurring even more costs in treatment when they approach a hospital.

What are OUR specific goals THROUGH THIS INITIATIVE?
  • Enable access to trauma care and general medical practitioner services at our main centre

  • Create trained local entrepreneurs to provide paramedic services at the village level

  • Train and incentivise midwives to identify and monitor pregnancies in the community

  • Create broad awareness to combat preventable diseases

  • Eradicate nutritional disorders in women and children

  • Eradicate tuberculosis

  • Enable positive linkages to enhance delivery of public healthcare services

Highlights of FUTURE facilities at our hospital:
  • 5 beds for trauma care and emergency/day in-patient treatment

  • CBC machine for blood work and remote path lab facility

  • X-ray machine with remote diagnostics

  • Utrasound (if legal approval is granted)

  • Two dental chairs with digital dental x-ray

  • Telemedicine facility to consult top specialist doctors across India

what is the financial operating model of the CENTRE?

We are acutely aware that for any project to be successful in the long term, sustainability needs to be built in right from the first step. Since we are a 'non-profit' organisation, in the interests of economic sustainability we will be charging a fee for some services as outlined below:

  • FREE consultation for children (below 14), pregnant women, and adults over age 60

  • Doctor consultation for those between 14-60 years of age - Rs 20 per visit

  • All diagnostic services will be at an at-cost basis, with a built in surcharge to pay for upkeep of equipment

  • Any specialist consultation and interventions will be again at-cost


useful backgrounder

our past work in healthcare

We ran a free clinic in the remote village of Kalap from January to July 2017!  This was our pilot project to learn about local healthcare dynamics and gather sample data for a larger project.

Our first ever medical camp in the mountains was held in the village of Kalap in October 2014!

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Motwar, Village Kotgaon, Uttarkashi District, Uttarakhand, India.
PIN: 249128

getintouch@kalaptrust.org | WhatsApp: +918979666690


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