In light of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, we have launched a program to donate a ‘VETERINARY KIT’ to each shepherd living in the upper Tons Valley.

Our aim is to deliver a kit that can be used to treat at least 100 sheep each in the region to enable them to grow their flock and have more animals and wool to trade in the winter!


  • The income of households has been devastated from loss of livelihoods due to the COVID-19 crisis. The only viable traditional livelihood in the region is shepherding and it must be boosted!

  • If we are able to save animals that die due to preventable diseases, we add immense value to the shepherd because he has additional animals that can now be traded, bred and harvested for more wool!

This will be the IMPACT of your donation:

Directly saves money for the shepherd, which can be used for household expenses

1 kit will protect 100 animals

We estimate that our kit will save at least 5 animals this summer

5 animals saved is worth Rs 25,000 to the shepherd directly in the animal value

Imagine how many animals these 5 will produce when they breed!

And how much wool can be harvested!

We estimate that the short and medium-term impact of your small donation will lead to a gain of at least
Rs 40-50,000 in 2-3 years!


The following will be delivered in each ‘FULL KIT’:


  • Nilzan 300 ml - dewormer, so that intestine parasites are killed, leads to better digestion

  • Ivermectin (Inj) 200 ml - to control itching as scratching and biting leads to bloody sores

  • Broton 100 ml (5) - to boost liver function so that animals eat more and grow fatter and stay healthy

  • Oflocaxin or Metronidazole 300 ml - this stops diarrhea which kills young animals very fast

  • Betadine 100 ml (2) - to clean all wounds and sores

  • Topicure Spray (3 bottles) - helps to rapidly control skin infections and wounds



If you want to support our work, please donate below:

Donations are being accepted only via Razorpay. Under a 'COVID-19' CSR offer, all donations made to us via Razorpay have 0% transaction charges.

Due to amendment to IT Act for charitable organisations, it is mandatory now to enter your PAN number while making the donation.


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