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KALAP TRUST, is a Dehradun-registered charitable trust working with disadvantaged communities in the remote region of the upper Tons Valley in Mori Tehsil, Uttarkashi District, Uttarakhand. The organisation was formally registered in 2014 and is the first organisation to do pioneering development work in this remote, inaccessible and neglected region. The organisation started work first in a small village called Kalap which is inaccessible by road and it was named after this village.


Improve the quality of life of the communities through sustainable development.


We work for equal access to education, healthcare and livelihood opportunities, and inclusion for disadvantaged communities.


We provide high-quality direct services in education and healthcare. We work with the community to develop new sustainable livelihood opportunities. Our approach includes advocacy and awareness, and professional support through workshops, outreach and training.


2015 onwards

The Trust sets up an ‘AfterSchool’ in the village of Kalap to work on the STEM skills of the children

2016 onwards
The Trust began working on livestock-based livelihood development in the upper Tons Valley. 

2017 onwards
The Trust began its public health outreach which lead to the creation of the first ever fully-equipped primary healthcare centre in the upper Tons Valley. This outreach is supported by multiple philanthrophy partners, including Tata Trusts & Infosys Foundation

2020 onwards
The Trust has further enhanced its livelihood development project by working with local farmers in the region to upskill them through better technical inputs and help them access better markets for their produce

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