VOLUNTEER @ Kalap AFterschool



We are now accepting volunteers who want to come and live in the village of Kalap and work with the children in our Kalap AfterSchool (https://www.kalaptrust.org/school) from March 01, 2021!

Please read below for all details, ONLY get in touch with us after you have read all the details!



1. Must be willing to spend 15 full days at our school. 

2. Must have excellent spoken English skills and basic Hindi speaking skills along with being computer literate. We accept people from a variety of skill backgrounds, we believe in holistic skill development.

3. Must be able to provide 2 references (with contact details) that vouch for your personality and skills. Only references accepted are employers/work clients and teachers/professors. This is requirement is a must under our 'Child Protection Policy'. Your application will not be processed without this.

4. Will be required to read, understand and fully comply with our organisation's 'Child Protection Policy' & 'Volunteer Code Of Conduct'

5. Volunteering dates are confirmed on a first come basis. To confirm your volunteering position, you must produce valid travel tickets for travel to Dehradun, we will not slot a date without this.

6. Only one volunteer accepted at a time. We do not accept any request for two people (or couples) to come and stay right now, even if the other person is willing to pay. There is work only for one volunteer at a time and we would like to limit it to that.


1. Engage the children daily for two hours of spoken English classes and basic science & math daily, we will provide tools for this. Children are in the age group 5-11 years predominantly.

2. Work and coordinate with our past faculty on planning and executing some soft skills workshops.

3. Monitor the children during two hours of e-learning classes daily. 

(Sum total of 4 hours of work daily between 2 pm to 6 pm)


1. Food (2 meals a day, simple north Indian vegetarian food). A kettle & induction stove is available along with gas to cook anything extra yourself in the common kitchen if needed. (Cooking non-veg food is not allowed.)

2. A nice small cosy room to stay in with bed, mattress, blankets.

3. Broadband Solar Powered 24X7 WiFi, 4 mbps guaranteed. 10 mbps can be provided for short periods based on requirement.

4. Electricity is available when the main power line is working. (We are working to add solar power backup by June!)

5. Hot water is available on a limited basis.

6. Shared western and Indian toilets




No remuneration or stipend or reimbursement of any kind is offered by Kalap Trust to volunteers. You have to manage all travel & incidental expenses including porters to carry your luggage to Kalap on your own. On the onward and return leg, Kalap Trust will provide one night of complimentary stay in a tent with meals at our office in village Kotgaon, which is the transit point for the hike to Kalap.


To apply email getintouch@kalaptrust.org with subject line 'Kalap School Volunteer 2021'


Anyone sending emails with resumes and seeking jobs will be sent to spam.