Our projects work for equal access to education, healthcare and livelihood opportunities, and inclusion for disadvantaged host communities. Currently we provide high-quality free direct services in education and healthcare, and help create enabling infrastructure such as access to renewable energy. We are working with the community to develop new sustainable livelihood opportunities. Our approach includes advocacy and awareness, and professional support through workshops, outreach and training.


It is an upcoming community hospital to serve the primary healthcare needs of 20,000 people living in 35 villages in the remote upper Tons Valley of Uttarakhand India! The hospital aims to provide basic out-patient consultation services through qualified MBBS doctors, diagnostic services (blood tests, x-rays...), paramedic services in remote villages, technology-enabled remote specialist consults and grassroots public health outreach in all the villages it caters to.


Tourism is a very low-cost and rapid method to deliver livelihood opportunities to local communities. It is also a force multiplier enabling exposure for our other projects. 

Currently, we have developed one village, Kalap, as a responsible tourism destination. Please click below to learn more!


The Trust has set up an 'afterSCHOOL' in the village of Kalap for the children from the community. The purpose is to have highly skilled teaching professionals hired by us assess the gaps in the government education system and fill them. Our effort runs in parallel with the government school everyday after regular school hours, and full-time on holidays and during vacations. 


We are working on multiple approaches to augment the skills of the local communities in the Tons Valley. We are especially interested in traditional skill based livelihood opportunities. 

Currently, we are working with the shepherds in the Tons Valley to augment their skills and enable better market access! This project is currently funded by the Tata Trusts (www.tatatrusts.org)


We get requests all the time from people who want to volunteer with us and be a part of our story! Volunteers have been a huge part of our story so far and we have always welcomed them! 

As we have grown, we have realised that we need a policy to deal with requests for volunteering. We suggest that you read through this page to understand better what we expect from volunteers.